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Bauer Voss Consulting is a consulting company
established in 1993 that specializes in club marketing.


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The corporation has been designed to create a hands-on approach between Bauer Voss Consulting and their clients. This personal relationship ensures that the client receives the utmost attention, and the smallest detail is handled professionally and immediately.

Bauer Voss Consulting is able to recommend appropriate courses of action that reflect the clients’ best interests, fit their positioning, parallel their strategic plans and operating philosophies, maximize resources and meet or exceed the clients’ goals.


In effect, Bauer Voss Consulting becomes partners with their client, working to achieve clearly measurable objectives, using programs or methods based on founded principles with demonstrated ability to produce tangible results.

Successful client partnerships often lead to ongoing mutually beneficial relationships and the referral of new clients.

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About The President

heidi voss of bauer voss consulting profile picHeidi Voss, President of Bauer Voss Consulting, possesses a diverse background and experience in the club industry, including residential golf course development, revitalization of established clubs and an intense concentration in new club development.

A broad range of personal interests supplement her professional credentials and include food and wine, literature, golfing, tennis, running, biking and gardening.

Her marriage to Todd Voss, the Club Operating Officer of Double Eagle Club, a Top 100 Golf Digest course, has strengthened her appreciation for the game of golf and the environment. It has also enabled her to mow a green or two and assist in tournament set up.

Her past positions have called for expertise in handling a variety of business concerns and the ability to work with all levels of people, from Boards of Governors comprised of prominent civic, social and business leaders to front-line service employees. This diverse background acknowledges the depth and breadth of scope required to meet many of the challenges faced in the marketplace today.

Education & Achievements

Educated at Kent State University, Heidi Voss received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Speech Communication. She concentrated on Rhetoric Studies: the study of group, interpersonal and organizational communications and Aristotelian theory.

Heidi later received her Membership Marketing Certification from Club Corporation of America in Dallas, Texas. To gain certification she completed a series of training sessions including Persuasive Selling Skills, III.

Heidi was the highest producer for the Northeast Region of Club Corporation of America for 1989. (Yes, that was eons ago but it seems like just yesterday.)

  • Member of the United States Golf Association
  • Member of Urban Land Institute
  • Member of the National Golf Course Owners Association

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Heidi has been invited to be a featured speaker for the Club Managers Association, The National Golf Course Owners Association, Golf Inc. , the Urban Land Institute and many other outstanding groups. She also has written articles for various club industry magazines including Golfdom, Boardroom, Golf Journal and Golf Course News.

When called upon, Heidi has also served as the Master of Ceremonies for conferences and has provided small and large group strategy sessions that have enabled organizations to prioritize their efforts as well as their funds for the year.

Heidi serves as a fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation, American Cancer Society, Kidney Foundation, Ohio Turf and Research Trust and others.