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Where In The World Is Heidi?

The most fantastic part about being Heidi Voss is traveling the globe and meeting wonderful, interesting and intelligent people and getting new ideas to share with others! Traveling with Heidi means that you have to be OK with her taking photos of smoked oysters being served in a cigar box, golf course maintenance dogs on a golf cart, White Cosmopolitans with gorgeous cranberry ice cubes, golf course bag racks….Anything and everything. 

She loves learning, and her career allows her to see the very best and share new and innovative ideas with her clients.

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Marriott GolfCon 2022
I miss Tuscany already……#babyitscoldoutside #chiantiatlunch #coveritinoliveoil
Missing her sister today who used to sit right here.
The best mascot of DEC ever!
Tiki Bar Dogs guard Paige’s swing......or Blair’s.  Whoever gets here first.
Making Garlic Chive Vinegar.
Scuba girls
Hole #3 resident. Mom was busy with her twin!  She let mow the green right around her.  Felt like I should give her ear protection.
When Current thinks Mom’s head cover is a toy that needs Shakin’!!! Guess he is on Injured Reserve now!
Happy Birthday Grandpa Joe!
Lucia and Current want to remind you to Be Good and Stay Home! #weareinthistogether #stayhome
Went dumpster diving and found this old milk can.  Got a little creative and made it Mooooo Pretty!
Feeling hungry for Lobster in Bonaire!
Fun Opening!  Par 3 With 2 club challenge.
Our very own J’s will be featured in Nov 2019 issue of Golf Magazine.  Beyond excited!
Shot ski with a big guy!!!
So hungry!
I love Tiki Bar in my backyard in OHIO!  As much as I complain about watering 80 tropical plants.  Way worth it!
Pepper Love! #cashmanshorsequipment #buckets
Hoof Hearted does the Charcuterie right!
Me and Tom Weiskopf mowing greens!  What a fun day on the new nine. We can’t possibly mess it up!  #nestandeagle #gentlegiantandme
Newest course to open!  Had VIP event and it was all smiles.  The Links at St. Anne’s is something special! #linksatstannes
Hello Morning!
The Links at St. Anne’s is my newest Club!  The grass is finally coming in!  Opening in 2019!. #webegrowinggrass
Feeling Froggy At JHHOS! #habitatcreated
Finally Sunshine!
Love to my Mom!
Sunday Funday with Emi Malik and Anthony with Giant Jenga and new Tank Tops for ladies this summer!
Visiting Cowboy and Metta Collier in Texas!
Golf Course Maintenance Cats Rule!
Boat life is fantastic!  San Salvador Bahamas.  Send some Zims Vodka!  All the Rum is gone!
Not feeling Crabby on this dive!  #aquatci
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