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  • Competitive Club Market Study

  • Evaluation of Facilities and Membership Structure

  • Create Membership Marketing Strategies

  • Develop Marketing Plan, Budget and Goals

  • Detailed Critical Path and Timeline

  • Focus Group Studies for Membership Development


  • Implement Membership Processing Format

  • Design Membership Enrollment Process


  • Coordination of an Awareness Campaign

  • Coordination of Membership Events

  • Development of Ongoing Promotional Events to Gain Membership Sales


  • Design of the Club Collaterals with Agency

  • Design of Membership Plan and Legal Documentation with Club Documents Attorney

  • Design of the Club Profile and Web Page

  • Design of Membership Offering Invitations


  • Interview/Personality and Ability Testing/Training

  • Daily Monitoring

  • Department Inspections/Evaluations


  • Membership Development Strategy

  • Review of Limited Responsibilities

  • Guidance in Group Structure and the Board

Lead With Your Strengths

Bauer Voss Consulting is pleased to offer Club and Companies Gallup Strengths-based coaching. Strengths-based coaching is an approach that embraces the differences in people, explores the potential that diversity offers, and positions people so they use more of who they naturally are.

Introduction to CliftonStrengths by Gallup

The key to success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life.

Clifton Strengthsfinder

  • Developed by Donald Clifton, PH.D he proposed the idea of “What will happen when we think about what is RIGHT with people rather then what is WRONG with them?”.

Signature Themes

Similar to your fingerprint, the sequence of your themes is unique to you. The odds that someone has the same FIVE SIGNATURE THEMES in the same order as you are 1 in 33 MILLION!.

Heidi's Top 5 Signature

relationship building chart

Name It! Claim It! Aim It!

The purpose of this coaching exercise is for you to select one of your Top 5 Signature These that resonates most with you and tell the team.

You will select one of your Top 5 Signature Themes that resonates most with you and tell the team how you use this theme and most importantly how you will aim it for success in the future. This will help you learn how to appreciate the power and opportunities that your Signature themes offer

The DNA of the Team – Building a Team Strengths Grid with Your Team Members

The purpose of this team coaching conversation is to help team members gain awareness and appreciation of the team’s collective talents. This conversation should aim to help the team uncover answers to two questions: Who are we as a team? What is my unique contribution to the team?.

The Four Domains of Team Strength

Determine which Domain you are most dominant in and uncover areas that may have served as “blind” spots in the past. Learn how to determine what Signature Themes compliment yours in accomplishing your goals.


Love, Crazy, Envy

Each participant will identify a Signature Theme they Love the most. Each group member should be prepared to share the short definition with the group and describe why they love it the most. Then each Manager will identify a Signature Theme that tends to drive themselves or other people Crazy. In a speed dating format, participants will share with each other these Love and Crazy Themes taking quick notes as they go along. We will then bring the group back together to each share one Signature Theme that another participant has that makes you Envious.

The Four Domains of Team Strength

Determine which Domain you are most dominant in and uncover areas that may have served as “blind” spots in the past. Learn how to determine what Signature Themes compliment yours in accomplishing your goals.

different management types

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Industry professionals in both marketing and agronomy are available to shop your facility. We will meet with you prior to the visit to ensure that all areas are covered. Some areas of specialty include:

  • Evaluation of your marketing efforts including your website, follow-up of sales professionals, phone skills, collateral materials, onsite marketing trail and sales skills of staff.

  • Evaluation of Real Estate Sales Professionals and Membership Sales Professionals

  • Evaluation of Lodging, Dining, Golf Course, Spa, Athletic Facility, Valet, Tennis and other ancillary facilities.

  • Full report provided with recommendations for improvement


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